Who Is Yahiko Pain?

When discussing the majorly successful anime series Naruto and its particular array of distinctive, complex and engaging antagonists, the name Pain (or Pein based on your preference of spelling) is much more often absolutely nothing found to be extremely high up on that list. And for good reason too.

But before we delve further into why exactly that is the case, it’s worth choosing a brief glance at the ginger-head’s extensive background to be a quick reminder – or perhaps an initial summary for individuals who aren’t as knowledgeable about the story of Naruto, becasue it is good to become mindful of the truth that there’s always over meets the eye.

Pain, as fans know, came to the scene many, ages after the tragic story is revealed of any set of three homeless struggling friends from your Rain Village Amegakure were mentored and taught the requirements of ninjutsu by Jiraiya for survival purposes who eventually continued to leave the trio once he felt forget about guidance was necessary. These three buddies; Nagato, Yahiko and Konan were the survivors of your long-term war which left their property village ravaged, almost uninhabited and destroyed. They swore another and change everything which was thanks to once they’d been tutored enough by on the list of three Legendary Sannin on the Village Hidden inside the Leaves.

Nagato at some time ‘developed’ his Rinnegan – which as you may know, is widely debated to get the strongest in the three Eye Powers (Doujutsu) in the Ninja universe at that point inside series. This, however, is later to get shown to be a ploy on Madara Uchiha’s end; implanting his awakened eyes into Nagato (an Uzumaki containing abnormally high numbers of chakra) for being used as a possible investment of sorts for future years, once he’d successfully won the shinobi onto his side. A big part of the plan rested on Obito Uchiha, who’d spent much on the series underneath the alias of Tobi after which Madara. Turns out, Madara’s plan exercised impeccably well through Obito and in addition they had were able to persuade Nagato Yahiko and Konan to initiate the Akatsuki movement.

Whilst Akatsuki’s conception scaled like more noble causes inside trio’s eyes, this changed once Yahiko was murdered in cold blood after being sabotaged by another leading shinobi amidst peace negotiation talks. Nagato wasn’t shown for being too strong emotionally since his debut. Yahiko was the pillar of support plus the lifeline for that other two. His death generated a complete emotional breakdown and psychosis with the redhead, who had then turned his hatred altogether bitter loss to your shinobi world again.

This all resulted from the birth of Pain to be sure him. The Rinnegan-possessing cold and calculated leader from the Akatsuki. Behind the face area of it all will be Nagato Uzumaki along with his vendetta up against the corrupt Shinobi world.

Pain Yahiko was this product of Nagato’s Rinnegan powers and vengeful mindset put at your workplace; rods of chakra-receiving nature planted strategically to the dead body of his dear friend in tries to keep him and his awesome memory alive. Konan appeared being more of an accomplice inside the matter rather than chief schemer.

Looking particularly at Pain, his design scheme is surely an interesting one; largely bearing Yahiko’s appearance by incorporating major alterations. Chakra-receiving piercings are imbedded throughout his visage and the entire body giving him a small punk-type design. The most notable of the his accessories however would be the chakra-harnessing necklace that is worn always.

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