Visual Effects Animator

Who is usually a Visual Effects Animator?

A visual effects animator is usually a professional that’s to blame for special effects in films. Now interestingly, they focus on the tricks that cannot be added throughout the live action shoot. For example, in most situations, the green screen is utilized when shooting actors inside the studio.

The actual, exciting background we see within the movie however is inserted later. Similarly, these professionals are also to blame for actually creating entire characters. As such all they normally use is software package programs to make these entities and integrate them inside the film. These characters could be so lively they will also communicate with live action characters.

Remember the dinosaurs along with the Anaconda in those blockbuster movies? Well that is what the visual effects animators are able to do! Thus the TV shows, commercials, films and also other such projects actually you have to be realistic and exciting.

Background Education / Training

Though it might be safely stated that you do not have to have a formal study as a visual animator, they certainly train themselves hard and make a strong background in multimedia art and animation. Most of them actually work a other artists and focus on their story telling and aesthetic skills for very long before they really realize their imagine being a visual effects animators.

It is normally recommended that professionals thinking about this career study arts, fine arts, photography or similar art related fields. Some of them actually opt for higher specializations in visual media and visual effects eventually. The ability and training to use software package with speed is tremendously valued to be a skill.

Work Environment

Most of those professionals spend lots of time in an office utilizing their computers and animation software. However, the ones that work with larger media agencies and film studios might actually travel to document, understand and view the actual filming happen, for research and development.

Their hours tend to be long plus they can be commonly seen getting work done in tight deadlines, on weekends and nights. A lot of them are self-employed and freelance or consult.

The industries that conventionally familiar with employ them were movies, film industry and video gaming companies, but currently media agencies, larger YouTube channels, businesses that create content for schools, businesses that create DIY projects for school as well as digital marketing agencies use them. A lot of content development companies employ animators to make ad videos or films for his or her clients.


If it was not exciting enough to cart people to a fantasy / realistic world using art and technology, the salary is lucrative. While disregarding the top-notch within the industry who bring home in millions, the junior animators earn good amounts while they freelance and / or get employed full-time. The more credentials and portfolio you could have, better your earning potential is.

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