Pyramids: The upper Merkaba


For ages, everyone was mesmerized from the gigantic architecture of Egypt called pyramids. Lately, we stumbled on know about recent discoveries about these ancient structures. We come across its astrological and astronomical perspective, its metaphysical aspects, applied mathematics, link with earth sciences, religious belief and so forth. This is often a real awe to view these huge geometric elevations basic a precision.

To relate the aforementioned statement with truth, I would make reference to the recent unveiling that the the pyramid of Giza is eight-sided. We had another view a number of years back. The solar equinox accidentally proved the slight angular bent from the pyramid’s side faces.

Anyways, I am going to present here another hypothesis which a few learned researchers stated believing in regards to the geometry.


Merkaba includes a chariot in Hebrew text. Commonly, it depicts the transition or ascension on the body on the spirit by using divine light.

“Mer” means light, “Ka” relates towards the spirit and “Ba” would be the body.

The Merkaba is simply a merged geometric structure of two pyramids.

Definitely, it falls under sacred geometry and has now its own metaphysical aspects.

In the Bible (Ezekiel 1:4-26), it absolutely was described like a four-wheeled chariot which has been driven by four Cherubim’s with four wings and four faces. These concepts are categorized as the school of Jewish mysticism. Ezekiel was taken on this chariot alive. These facts or myths were vastly depicted in Maaseh Merkabah. It also incorporates a relation with ancient alien theory as proposed by many researchers.

Recent advancements on Merkaba found a definitive relation with your DNA structure. So, quite simply, Merkaba would be the geometric model from the building block of contemporary mankind.

“Chassidic” philosophy says concerning the intricate relations of Merkaba together with the human kind, its ecosystem this also universe and the ways to go beyond the physical level.

The point is:

Pyramids can be a physical sort of Merkaba but only the top of the section. We have to consider theoretically around the upside down the structure. It has accurately mimicked the Merkaba described in ancient texts so it helps in elevating human consciousness.

Researchers declare that when they kept unhappy batteries within a small pyramidal structure cloned accurately make up the original one, it gained charge for short while. Even a blunt-edged razor returned its sharpness.

Meat, vegetables kept under it does not rot. A surge in astral projections is noticed for those who have such a faculty. Lucid dreaming becomes easy during sleep under pyramids.

There will be more to it.

In Indian temple architecture, we come across a similar structure though highly ornamented with carvings. It rises from your square base as much as a point.

The 3D structure of your “Shri Yantra” is especially similar to these temples.

Indian scriptures set a rule for those to visit the temples and sit there without moaning for at least 15-20 minutes. This is because the architecture these temples is produced in a way to be able to harness cosmic energies and accumulate underneath the shrine which can be more or less 1/3 with the temple height.

Strikingly similar to your Indian temples, pyramids have the same philosophy and possesses been proved (not inside laboratory even as are still not even close to doing it) who’s affects human consciousness.

Merkaba is really a visualization which endows capacity to humans for elevating their “chakra” level in other words the conscious level to your higher dimension.

Why would this type of developed culture, where men were powered with mathematics, Astronomy, agriculture, chemistry, medicines and even more shall spend their time, effort on building tombs!

The mystery depends on their glyphs in addition to their silent immobile magnificent designs. They codified an unimaginable secret message within this timed structures. We sent spaced probes for distances seeking new lives.

They built pyramids which traveled through ages having a message hidden to use high precision geometric structures. Ancient Egyptian structures will still be traveling in time and energy to find the right stage of civilization that could decipher the code and produce out a truth which is why we may still ‘t be ready.


Well, it isn’t really that easy to shell out few days beneath a real pyramid (in the end it is not a resort) but we could possibly do a little experiments which has a mimic of any pyramid (say as an example; the pyramid of Khufu) and perform few experiments. We have to do not forget that a typical pyramid is theoretically a Merkaba.

A practice of meditation and active visualization may be the major ingredient of such experiments. For the laboratory, we should instead have a pyramid created from cardboard or wood (not enough people have constructed their roofs in the type of a pyramid).

Conduct an effective mathematics to see the ratio from the lengths and depths (it is simple to find in top-level search engines like yahoo). Angle will remain exactly the same.

Find out a location to install the homemade pyramid and it across the ground to ensure if you sit within it, your height with the sitting posture must be 1/3 with the pyramid height. (Please do do not forget that the sarcophagus from the king inside the king’s chamber is precisely 1/3 the height in the pyramid)

Meditate and visualize the Merkaba inside you like a glowing geometrical construct. Meditate upon the consciousness, which can be you. Let it flow freely.

The results will gone through by you only.

Good luck to your account all.

Deepayan Choudhury is assigned to Vedantic philosophy for the good amount of your time and delivered lectures to few philosophical societies in Kolkata, India. He is and a poet and a lot of of his compositions were published in publications magazines mostly in the regional language. His poetry was selected three consecutive times within the “Poetry World”, an accumulation world poetries.

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