Analytical statistic and in Sistemail Email Marketing

To measure results in seconds

SISTEMAIL allows to measure of form needs the results your campaign of email marketing, detachhing them of graphical and numerical way.

Through our Control Panel, it will be able to analyze the results of multiple campaigns of email marketing in real time.

Analytical and statistical

  • Complete statistical report in a click
  • You will be able to see that it happens with your shipments of immediate way
  • Hour control of openings and clicks
  • Quickly generated statistical graphs

Statistics of your e-mails

  • Read post office: It accedes to a listing where you will see I number to run to you that they were read.
  • Given post office: In the same way you will be able to know the given post office to his desinatario.
  • Bounced post office: Information on post office that were given back and will be classified based on the return cause.
  • Post office bankrupts: Details of the post office that by write error were not sent.
  • Inactive post office: It observes the post office that or by previous loss, complaint by Spam or count nonexistent were not sent.

Analytical of your shipments

  • It observes the number of times that the sent e-mail was opened.
  • You will obtain the average of pages seen by each sent as well as read e-mail.
  • It visualizes the number of times that somebody makes click in each connection of the Newsletter and who realises it.
  • It knows that hour your post office or somebody clickea in their connections are read.

Analytical statistics and of your contacts

  • It analyzes your contacts of individual way
  • It segments based on interest, clicks, visits, and many but options.
  • It discovers that actions are realised to each of your contacts