To program shipments with Sistemail Email Marketing

With Sistemail it will be able to register his senders safely, to completely personalize the content of his post office, to program the moment in what easily their post office will be sent, for establishing daily or weekly regular shipments, for receiving and for automating the losses of the adressees bankrupts, etc.

It personalizes as you want the post office to your adressees

  • It personalizes the subject of your contacts
  • It personalizes any field of the data base
  • It designs any content of your Newsletter

Shipment of your e-mails programs them

  • It decides hour and day of the shipment or you do it of instantaneous way
  • System of shipments daily, weekly appellants, etc.

It publishes and it discharges from the hospital your senders

  • Double system opt-in for discharge of senders
  • Limitless senders in all our plans

We maintain your plan of shipments with a high reputation

  • We process of automatic form the losses by complaint of Spam
  • The service includes automatic cleaning of nonexistent accounts
  • Test of Spam pre-shipment in which the probability will be analyzed of being considered Spam
  • Filtrate in accounts of post office not written correctly

Optimization of costs in massive shipments

  • The messages are only sent to your armed contacts
  • You will be able to stop anyone of your shipments at any time
  • aga comfortably according to use by means of our reasonable plans and bonds