Management of Contacts in Sistemail Email Marketing

SISTEMAIL incorporates a powerful tool of management of contacts

You will be able to designate different parameters from your contacts to filter them and thus to personalize to your ill the adressee of your campaign, podiendo to add to descriptions such as sex, language, age or any other excellent data that the user considers important. In this way you will be able that your campaign is but successful and to be able to transmit your message of the most direct form.

It concerns your contacts easily

You will be able to concern your contacts from your account of Hotmail, Gmail, Google Apps or Windows Live. Inclusively, you will have the opportunity to concern them from a file CSV where also you will be able to put them in groups already created and segmented.

It organizes your contacts

You will be able to organize and to segment by groups of contacts and to group them based on the results given in the statistics. You are not scared at the time of creating, modifying or to eliminate groups, since your contacts will not be modified or eliminated.

It fulfills the law

Our services fulfill the policies anti Spam and fulfills the marked laws rigorously, fitting itself to the quality certificate program. Having system of low automated volunteers (LOPD and LSSICE), treatment and identification of the low volunteers and terminating to post office marked by nonexistent Spam and accounts.

Total security

You will have total security for your contacts doing an import of the same counting on the generated losses, as well as taking extricto control in the antiduplicity of contacts, so that you send neither a mail of the more, and being servers dedicated to it 365 of the year counting on its 24 hours every day. To part you will have a daily system of back up.

It personalizes your card of contact

You will be able to personalize the fields of your data base to taste of your criterion, being facilitated to you the work for your campaigns and being able to concern relating them it to the customized fields.

Search and segmentation

You will be able to make precise searches but with multiple combinations in fields, being done filter in statistical results and grouping them. And you will be able to segment based on the data that contribute (demographic, answers to previous campaigns, etc…)

Analysis of contacts

An exhaustive and individual analysis will be made of your contacts, measuring shipments by contacts, according to clicks realised and making a control of losses by sender.