Characteristics of Sistemail Email Marketing and Management of Contacts


Sistemail is a tool easy to use for the management of contacts, shipment of e-mail campaigns, to measure the results, to make surveys and drawings in line.

Thanks to Sistemail, you will be able to know:

  • Who Lee your post office and in what moment.
  • What connections have been to him more attractive and interesting.
  • To much more have access to a system of graphs that will show the results to you of your shipment of simple form the shipments rejected by invalid directions, automatization of losses, different forms from segmentation and.
Sistemail is an application of own affordable dedicated server ddevelopment 100%, carried out by a human equipment with ample experience in communication, marketing, design and development. Sistemail is in constant evolution: we implement constant modifications for the improvement and innovation of the service and extensions to satisfy your needs.

What makes SISTEMAIL?

SISTEMAIL allows you of form practical and simple to send emails and advertising campaigns to the suitable contacts, without concerning the amount of the same, with an interface simple and all the resources to their reach to make a pursuit of the same, all this within reach of a few clicks.

Management of Contacts

SISTEMAIL incorporates a powerful tool of management of contacts.

You will be able to designate different parameters from your contacts to filter them and thus to personalize to your ill the adressee of your campaign, being able to add to descriptions such as sex, language, age or any other excellent data that the user considers important. In this way you will be able that your campaign is more successful and to be able to transmit your message of the most direct form.

Design of Plantillas or Newsletters

To create a group never has been so easy.

With SISTEMAIL it will be able:

  • To create groups in just a short time with a text editor Word style very simple to handle, with all applications: text design in size, letter and color, inclusion of photographies, content multimedia and many more.
  • To concern your creations in HTML with a single click.
  • You will have to select than 50 groups predesigned more by our equipment.
  • To add or to eliminate any element of a preexisting group, or by its account or asking for the services of our team of designers, that will come to realise following them immediately your specific instructions. It consults our tariffs of Professional design of Newsletters.


With Sistemail you will be able to register your contacts safely, to completely personalize the content of his post office as well as to program the moment in what easily they will be sent, for establishing daily or weekly regular shipments, for receiving and for automating the losses of the adressees bankrupts, as well as many other options.


SISTEMAIL allows to analyze of precise and easy form the results of your campaign of email marketing, being detachhed them of graphical and numerical way.

Through our vps hosting with cpanel, you will be able to analyze the results of multiple campaigns of email marketing in real time and without effort.

Forms (integration of forms in its webpage)

Nowadays Internet is present in all the aspects of our life. SISTEMAIL offers the possibility to you of integrating a simple form provided by our technicians in your webpage.

This form will automatically be added to its data base of contacts allowing to catch, to maintain, to take care of and to make a pursuit you of your clients of the most professional, effective and practical form.

You do not lose this opportunity to maintain a simple and near contact with all clients!