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One already knows that a good segmentation in the list contacts is one of the best ways to improve the yield of an email campaign marketing.

Nevertheless, many create falsely that they do not have the information necessary to segment his data base.

For the companies that create this, in this first part, we are going to see as making one first basic segmentation in 5 groups by which anyone can begin to improve its campaigns of email marketing by means of the management of contacts.

Segmentation of contacts using metric of e-mail

Group 1: New and old contacts.

Ours first segmentation will take control of the people who have registered in a site in the last 30 days.

We must have a software that allows us to be capazes to identify the new members and to make a filter or segment. These people are special because they finish establishing a relation with you and you are an excellent opportunity to realise a commercial law action that few take as advantage.

Group 2: Contacts that HAVE NOT OPENED our email NOR have made click in no connection.

These contacts are for example, those that six months have in the last not opened or to fact click in emails that we have sent to them. These contacts are the calls inactive contacts, and deserve a special treatment, that we will try in more ahead.

Group 3: Contacts, that IF THEY HAVE OPENED or THEY MAKE CLICK in our mail.

The third group of contacts is those that finish opening or reading the e-mail sent without making click in no connection. In this case, he would be interesting to reformulate the content of the text, so that our contact now feels motivated to make click in the “call to the action” on the part of the message in the e-mail. A technique would be to provide a connection centered in the action, instead of dispersing the piece with several connections.

Group 4: Contacts that IF THEY HAVE OPENED and THEY MAKE CLICK in some connection, but DO NOT GENERATE conversion.

For the contacts that opened the e-mail, they clicked in him, but they did not generate the conversion (for example, to fill a form or to make a purchase). In such case, the important thing would be to investigate in “landing page”, that is to say, the page of destiny to which click resends the e-mail when doing.

Group 5: Contacts that IF THEY HAVE OPENED the email, MAKE CLICK and HAVE GENERATED conversion.

WELL! , but this does not mean that the work has been finished. In next posts we will speak of some basic objectives and the options to help to know this group. Also we will see the form to segment this group still more.

For a company that on a daily basis sends e-mails to all their list, the ideal period for the collection of data is of 30 days. If the supply is weekly, the best moment would be to the 3 months. If the shipment is monthly, the ideal period is to the six months.

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7 basic techniques of the email marketinghttp://www.poplavka.net/7-tecnicas-basicas-del-email-marketing/ http://www.poplavka.net/7-tecnicas-basicas-del-email-marketing/#respondSun, 12 February 2012 20:53: 21 +0000http://www.poplavka.net/?p=49Marketing by mail still is one of the most effective routes to contact clients and consumers, he is cheaper than the traditional mail and can secure a much greater impact in immediate sales, and, in the long term, to fortify the relations comparing with the traditional warnings.

It is important to consider that when is made correctly, and-marketing can be an extremely powerful and effective technique, is means that allow the buyer and the salesman the free communication him between both, and to construct to a relation being based on the confidence and the credibility.

But, when it is made incorrectly, and-marketing can be destructive, clear prestige to him to the brand, and turn its happy clients into furious beasts.

Some techniques that allow the planning of the email marketing, with the aim of maximizing the entrance of the inverted thing.

  1. I only sent emails to people who have asked for it.
  2. It only includes excellent content, to which the person is interested.
  3. He is consistent with the frequency of sent. A frequency, or weekly, biweekly or monthly and respétela choose.
  4. It chooses the days and schedules of delivery well. There are shortage that the best schedules to send emails for businessmen are just in the home of the labor day to the 9:30 right a.m. or after the lunch to 1:30 p.m. He is better to avoid sent of emails of sales after 4:00 p.m. or in week ends. If the product or service can benefit in the personnel, then to send emails between Tuesday and Thursday between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., or afternoon enters of Friday and the night of Sunday.
  5. In order to improve the delivery, emails adds a message at the home of his, that says something as the following thing, “to make sure the reception ours emails, please adds, nombrequeidentifique@suepresa.com to its List of Directions”
  6. Make sure to include a version of its text bulletin, as one in HTML: the autorrespondedor one automatically will detect what subscriber can see version HTML and what the one of text. If you do not include a text version of his message, around 5% of its adressees they will not see anything in its messages.
  7. It does not use many capital letters or exclamation mark within the subject or in the body of the message. When doing this, will not manage to pass the filters of Spam.

These advice serve to improve and to optimize its campaign of marketing by email, studies each of these advice and implementelos in their own campaign, are of much utility and effectiveness.

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