Explainer Video Script

The script is the central part on the explainer video production process for a good reason. You can have the many pretty design elements you prefer, mesmerising animation and also a killer soundtrack, however, if the script doesn’t clearly explain what you must get across and hook the viewer in, your explainer won’t work.

Here’s a standard explainer video script that you just might’ve heard:

Meet Jim. He does this career.

His life sucks as a result of these problems.

But now there’s This amazing product/service!

It fixes all Jim’s problems with this innovative way and as well does the other amazing stuff that Jim never even desired. It can you could make your life better too.

Go to amazingproduct.com and join now.

Amazing Product. There is no better product.

Now, granted, this oversimplified version of your user-case scenario might sound a bit tired, and we aren’t suggesting that each explainer should sound the identical, however it covers each of the basics and enables us a chance to examine the true secret elements of an explainer script.

Let’s break it down, and take particular notice:

The intro

Meet Jim. He does it might be.

His life sucks on account of these problems.

Straight from the bat, the viewer emerges a situation which develop he or she can recognize: she has that problem! And she can’t wait to learn how to correct it.

The danger we have found that there are often lots of problems and for that reason it’s easy to dwell here to much time, happening and on about all of the pitfalls on the current way the situation is done. That’s not necessary. Establish the matter and proceed to the solution once you can. And don’t go too wild inside your description from the problem! Some products only make life easier – the entire world was turning a long time before your new pineapple peeler came available…

Your product

But now there’s This amazing product/service!

It fixes all Jim’s problems with this innovative way as well as does the other amazing issues that Jim never even desired. It can design your life better too.

Now you tell the globe what you have got. Introduce the item or service, outline operate solves the situation, some of the true secret features and benefits and attempt to spur the viewer’s imagination of how she might use it. This is what they call your USP – your Unique Selling Proposition that may offer a unique or differentiated solution for pain point. You’re now relatable AND likeable.

Call to action

Always, always, use a call to action. A web address, a social media marketing handle, anything – so long as it sends the viewer somewhere when you have their attention. There’s no point identifying with him or her, offering an answer and then… leaving. Give them finished . they need to go ahead and take next step with your product or service – a means to get in touch.

And maintain it short! If you can say it in 1 minute, why should you use 2?

As long as is available kept your script entertaining, engaging and memorable, and present the viewer ways to take you standing on your offer, your explainer video gets you 90% in the way towards converting a possible lead in to a loyal client.

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